Corner ball betting

Corner ball betting

Naming and forum recognition of corner ball betting.

It is definitely noticeable that corner ball bets got almost no attention two to three years ago, but now they are a real part of many people’s betting strategy. Often these 22Bet are played when the bookmaker has not brought out the appropriate handicaps, but a team should be clearly superior. Due to the special form of betting, saying “Over 7.5 corners” or “XYZ first 7 corners” in forums will always give you a clear indication that it is a corner ball bet. Hide-and-seek or inaccurate designation, as is common with Over/Under or Handicap, is rather not to be expected.


When betting on corner balls, pay attention to the fact that in most cases they are specified as normal three-way – bets. Asian Corners therefore do not exist ;). This means that if you bet on “Over 7 Corner Balls”, there will also only be a payout if there are at least 8 corners, while exactly seven corners will not be decorated with a cashback.

Example corner ball betting – Bundesliga match

Example corner ball betting

Let’s assume that FC Bayern Munich has to face relegation candidate Augsburg in the 1.Liga. The odds on the home win are so minimal that a desired profit could only be brought in with a stake that is not compatible with the bettor’s money management. However, you believe that Bayern will force many corner kicks, as they spend most of their time in front of the opponent’s goal. Possibly, then this bet will be interesting for you:

  • Bayern vs Augsburg – Over 10.0 corners @ 1.90
  • Bayern vs. Augsburg – Over 10.0 Corners – Draw @6
  • Bayern vs. Augsburg – Under 10.0 Corners @ 2.1

On the one hand, you can note that FCA’s corner kicks would also count for the bet, as the entire fixture is in the bet. Moreover, it is a three-way bet, so only if there are at least 11 corner kicks, the underlined bet is won. Otherwise, you will have to write off the stake.



Let’s get to the big shortcoming of corner ball betting. Since only a few providers offer pre – play and live corner ball betting, the odds keys are unfortunately not particularly good so far. Often you have to reckon with 92-93 percent, while Asian handicap bets, for example, sometimes pay out up to 98 percent of the staked money back to the customer. Therefore, it is more worth waiting for really good chances instead of playing many bets per hour. Since most tips become interesting during soccer matches, otherwise you can also very quickly get into addictive behavior and indiscipline, if some bets have not hit.

Recommendations on corner bets:

Probably the most exciting and interesting section comes at the end. Here are our recommendations on when corner ball bets can be particularly worthwhile.

1) You know the style of play of the two teams and see holey defensive chains or teams that attack mainly from the outside. Deflected and blocked cross attempts probably lead to most corner kicks and thus offer good chances. Teams that try to make the deadly pass through the middle will produce fewer corners in the long run. For example, an Arjen Robben constantly moving into the middle on the flank is not the biggest corner magnet.

2.) Pick teams that will continue to play offensively even after taking the lead. Bookmakers adjust corner bets significantly when a team has taken the lead. The bookmaker assumes that the club will play a little more cautiously afterwards in order to save the lead over time. However, this is exactly what BVB, for example, will never do against a relegation candidate. After the opening goal, take advantage of the possibly high odds on “Dortmund first 7 corners” or “Dortmund first 9 corners”. Again, do not forget that this is a three-way – bet – so the bet is also lost if no club reaches the desired number of corners. A tip for this recommendation could be friendly matches, since there the result is often hardly interesting for the coach.

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