Online Bar Slots

Online Bar Slots

Good news for fans of slots. Sportium exclusively incorporates the Slots on The Rocks in its offer of casino games, the most faithful and real recreation of traditional slot machines. If you want to enjoy online bar slots, this new slot is clearly what you were looking for… Don’t miss it!

How does On The Rocks slot work? Exactly like the machines of the bars of a lifetime: Saving the advances and using the withholdings and trying to obtain the fabulous prizes that it houses. Enjoy the most ‘old school’ fun but without having to go to a bar, playing with all the comfort and agility that playing at home or taking advantage of at any time will provide.

How On The Rocks Bar Slots Work

To get a win on this slot machine, you will need to match three of the same figures on the win line. But… what other options will there be?

Advances: Some plays may give you the opportunity to advance one of the reels, as long as you get closer to matching three figures in their corresponding line. If you don’t have a prize, but you get closer, this is your option.

Retention: Save your progress for the next game, like in bar slots

Moon figure: It is the wild card, which serves as any figure to give you a winning combination. When you see it in your On The Rocks slots, you will jump for joy

Tyrannosaurus Rex: This figure is used to achieve bonuses, which will appear to play on the upper screen in 8 lines

The Salamander: Will make a raffle among the other figures that will become a fabulous prize for you.

The best way to learn to play traditional bar slots like On The Rocks is to play. Launch yourself to try, learn, have fun and win fabulous prizes without having to leave your home.

What is the theme? Discover the minigames

Discover the minigames

In this game you will meet the Troglo family and you will accompany them on their adventure to collect fruit, hunt and/or discover fire. The theme of the On The Rocks slot is the Stone Age, accompanying a nice family made up of four members: Primitivo, the father of the family, Luna, the hunter, Primitivo JR, the youngest of the family, and Vulcana, the collector.

Precisely, these characters will be the protagonists of the On The Rocks slot machine minigames. There are a total of 4 minigames, one per character, that will appear on the top screen:

  • Luna, the hunter: You must choose the best path to go hunting when the volcano erupts. Everything will be fine as long as you don’t burn yourself.
  • JR with his slingshot: Hunting for the pterodactyl with Primitivo JR!
  • Choose the best painting: Help JR choose the painting with the highest prize.
  • The fruit game: Pick a prize with Vulcana.

Advantages of online bar slots

Advantages of online bar slots

The main advantage of online bar slots like On The Rocks is that it shares all the fun of its traditional versions, but with some good logistical benefits. Forget going to a bar, play with maximum privacy, don’t wait for the availability of your machines and don’t sacrifice other plans to play slot machines: Take advantage of free time, breaks or bus rides… whenever you want!

Of course, always remember to play in moderation and following the guidelines of safe and responsible gaming: Establish a budget, do not play with what you cannot lose and set yourself a few hours of play, establishing your breaks. And above all, don’t try to win back your losses by playing more. Finally, we ask you to have a great time playing!

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