Treasure Island slot keys

Treasure Island slot keys

A desert island, barrels, pirates, rum and chests full of impressive gold treasures. This is what awaits you with Treasure Island slots. If you are a lover of novels, movies and ultimately all the mythology that surrounds the world of pirates but you also like casino games, you are in luck. Treasure island slots are made for you.

What do you like pirates but you don’t know anything about slots? Don’t worry, between this post and this key guide pay to win slot machines you will have all the keys to not be left behind. If, on the contrary, you like slot machines but the mythology around pirates is not your thing, there are many slots besides Treasure Island that may interest you. Consult them!

If you are from the first or second group, you should look at a first piece of information to see if playing the Treasure Island slot is profitable: its RTP. As much as you love pirates and gambling, you don’t want to lose money on them, but we have great news for this slot machine: the RTP is slightly above 97%. What does this mean? That for every €100 played, something more than €97 is paid. This puts the Treasure Island slot at the high end of the average, which is very interesting!

Slot Treasure Island: Operation

Slot Treasure Island

Beyond its RTP of 97.06%, you should know that this slot has 5 reels and 4 lines, in addition to its 40 paylines. But let’s go to what you want to know: What features, bonuses or specific plays does the Slot Treasure island have?

The compass: It is the scatter symbol. With it, you will have free spins, or it will make it easier for you to be rewarded with the Pirate Attack.

Pirate Attack: You will get it with at least two dynamite barrel symbols. Two cannons will be fired, becoming wild symbols on the rows and reels. And if they touch your barrel of dynamite, the wild symbols will multiply.

Free Spins: You will be awarded a set number of free spins, including three possible options. The extra wilds will make one medium symbol or more give you full bonus and the super wilds will give you big wins, for example.

Treasure Hunt: What would a pirate game be without its treasure? In Treasure Island Slot, you will have to dig for big prizes.

This is just a small guide to learn how Slot Treasure Island works, but as with everything, the best way to optimize the possible results will be to play. Theory without experience will do you no good, and vice versa. How can I maximize my chances of winning with this slot?

Ensure success

Ensure success

To be successful with the Treasure Island slot or any type of slot machine, you will need to establish concrete strategies. Beyond working well on your calm and cold mind, because you will not win in all the throws or by far, you must follow lines that will bring you closer to success to a great extent.

Set a budget: It will prevent you from going bankrupt, which is not a small thing, and it will also help you automate how much you can play with each bet. Always keep in mind that what you can earn is excluded from this budget!

He ensures that the return to play is 90% or more and plays with accumulative jackpots, which with this game is guaranteed. You’re doing well!

Take advantage of all the welcome bonuses. More budget, more chances of failure, hits with less investment. Why shouldn’t you play Treasure Island slots for free if there is a chance? Take advantage of all possible niches to outwit the 97% RTP.

Make sure that before playing you have all the information about how the slots work. As much as you love pirates and the excitement isn’t enough, check out articles like this one to see how the slot works. And, as always, check out guides for playing slots.

Oh, and remember, play in moderation, know how to take a break when appropriate, and if you win a big prize, stop playing… and go out and celebrate!

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